Poultry Farm Guide

Your guide to a successful poultry farming.

How to hatch chicks naturally at your backyard farm

In this blog post, you get to learn how to hatch chicks naturally using a brooding hen-from selecting fertile eggs to manage the mother hen ...

Poultry vaccination and schedule for Layers and Broilers

This post is your guide to a successful vaccination programme. Vaccination is the first line of action in preventing poultry diseases. No level of hygiene ...

8 Beginner's guide in poultry farming in Nigeria you must follow, If you want to be successful

This post contains 8 beginner's guide in poultry farming in Nigeria. I pledge to you that if you follow this 8 guides diligently, you shall ...

8 Best poultry feeds in Nigeria with their prices for optimal birds' growth

This blog post contains 8 best poultry feeds in Nigeria, based on farmers' and distributors' opinions (from the market survey I did online and offline). ...

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