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Your guide to a successful poultry farming.

How Can I Make My Broiler Eat More? Follow These 5 Steps.

What Chickens Lay Brown Egg? Here are the 11 Best Breeds...

Brown eggs are one of the most popular egg colors, laid by the best chicken for eggs with red ear lobes, although this claim is ...

How are Turkeys Slaughtered in The Factory Farm? Here Are the Four Steps.

Slaughtering of turkey involves four main stages, scalding, plucking eviscerating, and chilling. Different equipment is used in each of these stages with a well-established quality ...

What kind of Chickens lay white Eggs? (See the 7 best… )

 Chickens that lay white eggs are identified by their white feathers or mixed/speckled with other colors. Their unique identity is their white ear lobes. This ...

How to start Chicken Business :A Complete Guide For Beginners.

Chicken Business is a form of business that involves rearing chicken for the sole purpose of selling and making profits. Without a doubt, chicken is ...

What Chickens are best for eggs ? ( Here are my 11 best laying breeds)

 The best chicken breeds for eggs will lay between 250 to 300 plus eggs. Most hybrid breeds like the ISA brown and the Golden Comet ...

How Do You Use Garlic For Chickens For Better Performance


How Do Chicken/Poultry Farmers Make Money?

There are several ways chicken farmers can earn or make money in the poultry industry, but meat and egg production are the most profitable niches ...

How Do You Know If a Chick is a Male or Female ?

How to know if a chick is a male or a female is a high skill sought after in the poultry business. However,  there are ...

How can I Improve My Broiler Performance ?

Improving broiler performance is ensuring that their genetic growth potential is achieved by providing optimal environmental conditions.  Any deviation from optimal conditions can result in ...

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