8 Best poultry feeds in Nigeria with their prices for optimal birds' growth

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This blog post contains 8 best poultry feeds in Nigeria, based on farmers' and distributors' opinions (from the market survey I did online and offline). You will also find a table showing the prices of some of these feeds.

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 Layers feeding


 Layers picking whole grains

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  8 best poultry feeds in Nigeria with their prices

In Poultry farming, 70% -80% of expenditures are incurred in poultry feeds. And of recent, the prices of poultry feeds are on the increase in the Nigerian market, mainly; due to the high cost of maize and other feed components.

Subsequently, most feed manufacturers are forced to increase their prices and others resulted in making use of substandard feed ingredients to maintain price and keep their customers. Therefore, it is imperative as a poultry farmer, to buy feeds not only at an affordable price but feeds containing the right ingredients for better productivity

However, one of the challenges poultry farmers struggle with at this time is that no matter how costly the poultry feed is, you can hardly increase the prices of your birds, this is because the market expects you to sell at a certain price range irrespective of your cost input.


      Hand feeding a chicken

Moreover, as a farmer, you will want to get the best feeds at an affordable price, at least to make some profits yourself. 

So, with these challenges in mind, I did a market survey (both offline and online market) to know how poultry farmers have been coping since the prices of feeds sky-rocketed.

At the end of my market survey, I came up with the top 8 feeds, although, I saw many other feeds I haven’t heard of or seen, I have to make do with the top 8. So, if your favorite feed is not among the top list, just know is based on farmers' (majorities) opinion and not mine. Surprisingly, some feeds that could have sat at the bottom of my personal list made the top 5. As the saying goes, the majority carries the vote.

Therefore, I present to you from my survey, the 8 best poultry feeds in Nigeria

8.Vital Feed

Vital feed is sitting at the eight positions here. Vital feed is one of the pioneer operators in the livestock sector of the Nigerian agricultural industry with vast experience. It is manufactured by Grand Cereals Limited (GCL), an integrated foods company whose primary activity is the creation of superior value from local raw materials, with leading brands in the Cereals, Vegetable oil, and Animal Feed categories.  

 Vital feed Grower 25kg bag

Vital Feed is a balanced poultry feed in pelletized form. Each pellet is a compact feed compounded to provide essential nutrients to the birds. Offer farmers high profits through a reduction in waste. It also supports optimum growth, production, and assures the efficiency of feed utilization.  The range includes




Broiler Starter

Broiler Finisher

Vital Feed is a Subsidiary of Grand Cereal Limited.

7.Stellar Feeds:

Stellar feed is another best poultry feed to make waves of recent in Nigeria. I will not be surprised to find it among the three best poultry feeds in Nigeria in the nearest possible time. Stellar feed is manufactured by Konet Mill Limited, a top animal feed Manufacturer in Nigeria.

It has a complete range of products covering all aspects of animal feed requirements in Nigeria and neighboring countries and provides these to the market at attractive prices.

Konet Mill Limited not only provides high-quality products to the market; it prides itself to advise and guide customers, on request, on all relevant feeding issues as well as farm management and animal health topics. It employs several veterinary doctors, farm management specialists as well as nutritionists.


Email” Konetmills@gmail.com

Phone: +2348138210538

     Pelletized feed

     Pelletized feed

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6. Animal Care Feeds:

-Animal care feed is a brand that is well known not only for its poultry feed but also for its varieties of animal health services and products. You cannot talk about animal diseases and treatment in Nigeria without mentioning Animal care.

Animal Care Feeds is a subsidiary of Animal Care Services Konsult (NIG) Ltd popularly referred to as Animal Care, is a wholly indigenous Nigerian Company in the Business of Commercial Poultry Production, Commercial Livestock Feed Milling Aquaculture, and Manufacturing, procurement, and Distribution of Animal Heath Products and Technical Laboratory Services

Head Office: km 2 Iperu Road, Ogere Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Phone: 08056290726, 08062170846

Email: Info@animalcare.ng.com


5.   Breedwell Feeds:

 Breedwell Feeds LTD, produces one of the best poultry feeds available in the Nigerian Market. It is committed to developing, manufacturing, and marketing superior nutritional products and services that improve chicken performance, health, and well-being.




Breedwellfeed categories in bags

Breedwell Feed LTD manufactures premium concentrate,  products that are specially designed for farmers who have access to some raw materials, and able to produce feed on their own. Broilers and Layers rations are available for farmers who are raising chicken for consumption and for egg production respectively.

Contact Info

Phone: 08158793638

Email: Info@breedwell.com.ng

Address: Ekerin Village, Alomaja Area Along Ijebu Ode Road, Ibadan, Oluyole, Oyo state- Nigeria


Amo Byng Feed

         Amos byny feed is manufactured by Amo Byng Nigeria Limited, a top poultry feed manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience. It was established in 1987 to produce high-quality feed concentrates and finished feeds. Its products span Nigeria markets and beyond. The company is dedicated to being among the top 3 most efficient companies on the market.




Amo Byny Feed bags  

Its feed products include; Chick mash, layer mash, Broiler starter, Broiler finisher, a Grower concentrate, Layer concentrate, and Broiler concentrate.  It also has branches in Oyo, Aba, and Jos, and with distributors all over the country.


Website: https://amobyny.com.ny

Email: Info@amobyng.com.ng

Phone: 07038701910

Adress: Along Ife-Odan Road, Awe, Oyo State

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3.Top  Feeds:

Top feeds is a household name when it comes to poultry feed in Nigeria.  It is unfortunate it is sitting in the third position. I have this likeness for top feed. It is manufactured by Premier Feed Mills, a leading animal feed manufacturer in Nigeria. 

It has a complete range of products covering all aspects of animal feed requirements in Nigeria and neighbouring countries and provides these to the market at a competitive price.

Premier Feed Mills took off in 1968 in Sapele, Delta state with a small, manual 5 metric tons/h facility to manufacture animal feed on a commercial level. In 2003, Premier feed Mills became the dominant brand in the animal feeds business in the country. It supplies the entire Nigerian animal feed market under the trade name Top feeds.


    Top feed products

Premier Feed Mills is not only top-notch when it comes to top-quality products to the market; it prides itself to advise and guide customers, on request, on all relevant feeding issues as well as farm management and animal health topic.

Its products include; Chick mash, Grower mash, Broiler super starter, Broiler starter, Broiler finisher, concentrate, layer mash, layer phase 2,  and Pre-layer mash. 


 2.Hybrid Feeds:

  Hybrid feed surprised me. In the beginning, it was at the 7th position, but towards the end of my survey peoples' opinions began to skew towards it. Hybrid feed is a fast-growing poultry feed in Nigeria. Manufactured by Hybrid Feed Mill With over 16 years of experience with active personnel and technology-driven innovation. It strives to be the most innovative livestock business services provider in Nigeria, delivering high-quality brands of feeds for optimum customer satisfaction.



             Hybrid feeds

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1. Ultima /Chikun Feeds :

        Here comes our first position, Ultima and Chikun Poultry feed. They are among the recent best poultry feeds in Nigeria. They are both manufactured by Olam Animal Feed Mill, A subsidiary of Olam Groups. They are equipped with state-of-the-art animal feed facilities, which provide local farmers with 720,000 metric tonnes of poultry feed to address the periodical supply gap of good quality and competitively priced animal feed in Nigeria.  I hope they remain on top of my next update.  The way farmers endorsed these feeds, especially Chikun gave me a dropped jaw. 


The two poultry brands (Ultima/Chikun) are fortified with the required supplements and additives which meet national and international standards.

Contact Info

Phone: (+65) 63394100)

Email: enquires@olamnet.com

  Website: https://www.olamgroup.com


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                    Prices of Poultry Feeds in Nigeria

   The table below shows the prices of some of the feeds in 25kg bags.



You can be a Distributor

You can apply for distributorship by contacting the manufacturer. This is another way you can get paid big time in this sector. People are going to poultry businesses on a daily basis, and they will need to feed their birds.

They need an easy source to get feed for their birds; you can become that source today by applying for distributorship with any manufacturer of your choice. 

In addition, I suggest you learn how to become a poultry feed distributor in Nigeria before applying because some manufacturers require you to possess certain criteria before they could consider your partnership.

If you find this post helpful, comment below, and share it with a friend.

I would like you to also share your thought.- What feeds do you think should have made the top 8, your opinion will be of great help on my next update. thank you.

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Nice job! I can't fault it. But, where is New Hope?

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Thanks David. Yeah it was the market opinion as stated. New hope, no doubt is a fast growing brand.

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Ayeni 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Good job with the research...
I'll chat you up for a deal

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Olowu Elijah 4 months, 1 week ago

very interesting analysis but i need to know the strong point for your analysis. what are your factor and made the best over other, is it prices, quality,FCR,availability,etc. i will prefer you have a comprehensive springboard for your analysis. thanks

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Samuel Ezenwankwo 4 months ago

Thanks Olowu. Although, my analysis was not based on those factors you mentioned, but on people's (market) opinion online and offline. As the saying goes; "the voice of the people is the voice of God"

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Comment awaiting approval 3 months, 3 weeks ago

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Richard Urom 3 months, 1 week ago

It's a job well done. Please I will prefer subsequently you do it in a tabular form with various feeds compositions for each of the brands. It will really be more educating. Thanks for your effort.

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Thank you, Richard, for the suggestion.

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Yemi Joshua 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Mark Odua 2 months ago

Your research work is educative and informative, though based on mere opinion of people(very relative) and not scientific per se. How spread are your samples(geographic spread, distributor-based or direct-user based). Thanks for a good job. I want to be a distributor, am based in Enugu, Nigeria.

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ODUGBEMI Abiodun Afeez 2 months ago

The analysis on feed brands based on opinion poll was insightful and educating. I hope I can work closely with you from the scientific point of judgement. Lastly, when was this research carried out?

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NWEKE SIMON OBINNA 1 month, 2 weeks ago

This is really an insightful and comprehensive information, your research is phenomenal, but I would like it if you could do recent research on this topic, it will really help someone like me. Also I want to go into animal feed business and I deem it fit that you will be of great assistance. Please i need your contact.

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IAM interested as a distributor in your product..I am in Agbaroh Delta state. Agbaroh is a pourtry farm area and it environs were we don't have your product..08078803995 is my no

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Mr sunny Lukas 1 week, 5 days ago

Am very glad for your information and research so far made on this products. I want to be part of this business and how lucrative .please feed me more on the profit margin . Thanks

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